Personality Disorders

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CBT Friendly Formulation Worksheet
Friendly Formulation

Schema Activation Formulation
Schema Activation Formulation

Narrative Exposure Therapy
Narrative Exposure Therapy

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Relaxed Breathing
Relaxed Breathing

Audio Therapy Resources

Audio Relaxed Breathing
Relaxed Breathing

Audio Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Audio Peaceful Place Peaceful Place

Audio Combined Relaxation Exercise
Combined Relaxation Exercise

Audio Relaxation Pack
Relaxation Pack


Mentalisation based therapy (MBT)


Project Air has a selection of resources including fact sheets:

Key reading

Other resources

The Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) is an Australian mental health organisation that conducts research, provides training and supervision, and offers a clinical service. They have made some emotional regulation / distress tolerance resources.

Distress Intolerance

Self-help Programme

  1. Understanding distress intolerance
  2. Accepting distress
  3. Improving distress
  4. Tolerating distress

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Information Sheets

  1. What is anger?
  2. Anger coping strategies
  3. Assertive communication
  4. Coping with stress
  5. Greif and bereavement

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